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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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of his Spirit or measure of his Grace was
placed in each of their hearts, and would
if minded, or given way to reprove for
all wicked words, and Wicked actions,
an well also produce peace for well do-
-ing, but this was too refined and deli-
-cate a Subject for our enterpretter to han-
-dle. -- I have not been able fully to
learn what number of Indians this Village

contains, but Cornplanter informed us
that there were about 400 persons
Young and Old under his Superentend-
-ency, much the larger half of whom are
in or near this Town; he also informed
us, that in his whole district there were
three horses, 14 cow kind, besides one
Yoke of Oxen, and 12 hogs.


About 9 OClock this morning John Peirce

and myself to took our last farewell of the
Indians in this place, and set of with
Cornplanter, his son Henry, and a Nephew
up the River in a Canoe, to his sawmill
where we took leave of the Chief and his
son for the present, with a promise that
they would call on us at our house at