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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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particularly pointed out our business,
also General Wilkinson

’s Letter, with which
he appeared satisfied, his son Henry
who has had an English Education in
and about Philadelphia, enterpretted
for us, for his Father can neither speak
nor understand English, Henry was our
enterpretter on all occations whilst a-
-mongst them, he was not ready, and we
believe the business we went on suffer-
-ed some for want of one better qualifyed
about 12 O’clock between 30 and 40 of their principal
men met in council, which Council Cornplanter open
-ed by a short speech, expressing his satisfaction
on seeing us coming riding through the bushes,
and that it was the good spirit which preserv-
-ed us in our long journey, for which they were
very glad. He then informed us of their Poverty, the
poorness of their houses which were covered with
bark, and their inability to make good ones, we
thought the latter part of this speech was calculat-
-ed to draw our Charity. he then let us know
that they were all met that who were were likely to attend,
that their Women could not come, but the Men
would let them know what we said to them: we
had having particularly requested their Women might at-
-tend. We then opened our business by letting