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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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a religious ground & from sincere & good
motives- Formerly they
had Image of a man which at the
Time of those hearts was decorated in
the Indian Stile with Wampum &
Trinkets &c- this was elevated on a
Pedestal of about 6 feet in heighth &
their Dance & feasting were performd
round it & their addresses made to
it- being considered by them a Repre
sentative of the Great Spirit- about
the Year 1802 this Image fell
down & a council was held what was
to be done- some were for erecting
another- others for discarding such
a Representation entirely- Henry

- Undertook to throw it in the
River, the Council first Consenting
that he should do it if he would
take upon himself & he answerable
for any Judgement which might
follow- this Henry agreed to &
tumbling it in the River it floated