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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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is some reason to hope it will rise.

We intended to have set of this Morning
by Eight OClock for Genesinguhta

, and
and agreed with Henry Obeal last
evening to go with us, and be our en-
-terpretter; it is now eleven OClock, yet nei-
-ther he, nor his Fathers family have got
their breakfast, tho we have been hurry-
-ing him for two hours past, about 12 two
of us set of on horse back, the other three
having started an hour sooner with
one Indian in a Canoe; we rode the
River one mile above the Town, and
went up the Eastside of it, to said Town
our first 3 or 4 miles was through an Open bot-
-tom, thinly timbered, and good riding, then
passed through thick Timber, a large quan-
-tity of which were Sugar Maple, thence
through a thick Forrest of Hemlock, and
pine, very difficult to pass, to the shore
opposite the place of destination; here we
again rode the River tho wide and
deep, we stoped at the House of a Chief who
went with us to our inten ded Settlement,
here we met with our friends who went