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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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-fore moved forward with or minds atten-
-tive to best direction, when we came in
sight of the town, many Indians appear
-ed in view, looking toward at us, our guide
turned into the first Cabin he came to,
and would go no further, but point-
-ed to Cornplanter

’s house, we paid him
one dollar for what he had done, and
moved forward; we presently saw the
Chief with a number of other Indians
coming toward us, upon our riding up
to them and alighting, they appeared to
welcome us with open Countenances.
we did not know Cornplanter, nor could we distin-
-guish him by his dress, but upon shaking
hands with one that stood foremast we as
Asked if it he was Cornplanter, he in-
-formed us, in his, way that he was the
man, after shaking hands with them
all round, we were conducted to his house
which was not distinguished from the rest, only butby being
larger, and after unsaddling our horses,
and carrying in our Baggage, and be-
-ing seated, Cornplanter, his Son Henry
and Several others came in & sat down,