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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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lookd about the Settlement & went
to see Henry Obeal

, Cornplanters Son,
Henry after shewing us his Potatoes
Beens &c went over the River with
us to shew their Corn Field. we then
went further up the Stream & lan
ded on the opposite shore to eat some
Provission brought with us it being
near Dinner time. then pushd up
to the House of the Minister, which
is painted Red & white with white
Paling & at a Distance looks very
smart. did not find him at home
& the House was shut up. this is
about 7 Miles up the Allegany from where
we first took boat & we should likely
have gone further & stopd at several other
places but heard that the Indians were
from home. therefore returnd & made
another stop at the Town. The Indian Boys
here shewd us their Dexterity with Bows &
arrows & Blow Guns & arrows. shoating