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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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Some reply was also given to the speech
John Pierce

made importing that we hope'd
he would keep strong in these good resolutions
& that the Chiefs would unite together in
trying to do good, for they might be asured
that when they were endeavouring to pro-
-mote one anothers good they were doing right
& this conduct would be pleasing to the Great
Spirit - but when they try'd to hurt one another
they offended the Great Spirit -- that while
they were united together in good works
they were like a cord made of many strings
not easily broken - but when they differ'd
and disagreed among themselves they were
like the strings which composed that cord
being seperated from each other might
by this means be the more easily Broken.
and we were also glad they intended to
do better with respect to their wives, and
hoped they would remain in this mind as
the Great Spirit would be better pleasd with
them if they did so --

Henery Abeal

then made a speech
to us, which was interpreted by Peter Snider
from which the following is an extract --

Brothers the Quakers
I have often acted
as interpreter between you and the Indi-
ans, and some times when you are gone