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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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hard of theirs for not keeping that days we
told them we did not think hard of it,
but we mostly kepy that day to wait upon the
good Spirit, and about ten o clock that day
we expected to sit down in silence for that
service, and if any of them had a mind to
come and sit with us we would be well
satisfied and desired that we might not be
interrupted, at the hour appoined we sat
down in our appartment and were accompa
nied by cornplanter

and several other Indians
who sat pretty still and quiet a part of the time
and then all withdrew except cornplanter
who conducted himself is a becoming manner
throughout the opportunity.

21 of the month

made preperations to go
about nine miles up the river to see where
would be the most eligible place to settle
that we might be of the most advantage to the Nation
in general this land being cornplanters

private property of about 600 acres which
was given to him by the state of Pennsylva
nia, and we thought it not best to settle on
his land, accordngly cornplanter, his son
Henry, and there other Indians went with