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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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horses, 14 cow kind, beside one yoke of
oxen & twelve hogs.


About 9 Oclock this morning
John Pierce & myself look our last
farewell of the Indians in this place,
& set off with Cornplanter, his son
Henry, & a nephew, up the river in
a canoe, to his saw-mill, where we
look leave of the chief & his son for
the present with a promise that they
would call on us at our house at
Genesinguhta in five days, to go on
with us to the mouth of the Buffaloe
in order to attend a council there.
The nephew, & a son of the Dutchman
who lends the saw-mill, look us up to
our farm, where we found our goods
safely arrived about two hours before
& were all unloaded & taken up to our
house door. In about two hours