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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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more steady in their Conduct & more
Clean and decent in their dress than I
had ever saw them before -- their
houses are also kept much cleaner
than formerly, and one thing I several
times observ'd which I thought something
of a novelty among Indians & a ple[as]in[g]
indication that they were beginning to be
asham'd of their dirty way of liveing
that when the women saw us aproa-
-ching their Doors they immediately
began to sweep their houses


This Morning about nine Oclock we
rode up the River to Genesinguhta flats

above the Cold Spring to view what
improvements the Indians had made
there -- we found a considerable num-
-ber of Cornfields extended along the Creek
between two and three miles from the
River, enclos'd under good fence, and
the Corn look'd well in the General
being on land of a superior quality -

We sat a while in Blue Eyes

eat some Indian Squashes, and on our
way back, stopt to view Henery Abeals