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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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the lower parts of some Mountains
near our Settlement, which fog ascend s
said Mountains in thick Colums un-
-usual to what I have been acquainted


Much rain fell last night, the morn-
-ing still wet, we expected Cornplanter

and some other Indians, to have called
on us this Morning to set off for Buf-
, but before Six OClock Cornplan-
-ters Son Henry, and another Indian
with each having no other covering on, tho raining
fast, than a Calico Shirt, and Clout,
arrived here, being sent by the Chief
to inform us, that a Considerable
number of Indians were going with
him to Buffaloe, who were not fully
ready but would call on us tomorrow
this information was more than we expected
and was satisfactory felt fully of there not going to
day, as it was wet, and by no means
fit to travel through the bushes


The sun made its appearance
this Morning, and there is some pros-