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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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frequently made a smoke to send them off
the horses have been so bit with them that
the thin parts of the skin have been
much risen up in lumps; & we were
inform’d that the musquettos & a green
headed fly will be so troublesome in a
while, that horses & cattle wont thrive,
but will rather fall away. After
waiting with some degree of impatience
until between two & three Oclock
this afternoon, we were visited by Corn-
, his son Henry & two other
Indians; the chief inform’d us, that
one of his daughters was taken very
ill yesterday, & a relation that lived
in his family had fallen off a horse,
& broken his arm, which had prevent-
ed his coming sooner, & that now he
could not go with us for three days on
their account, for which he was