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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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in Studier, which was very acceptable to
us, having found when we Crossed before were going
over, that it was a dangerous ferry, and
rocking boat; but now on our return
we went over very steady, tho the Current beat
us down the River ¾ of a Mile, shortly
after we had got on Shore, and mounted, we
saw a man at a great distance towards

, coming riding towards us, whom
we presently knew to be our Indian John
who was coming to meet look for us, he appeared
much pleased to see meet us, as we did to see him,
and to find that our Mare was safe. ----

We got to Buffoloe

about 2 OClock and
tho a Day later than we agreed to meet
Cornplanter here, yet neither he nor any of
his company were come, -- about Sunset
his Son Henry, and another Indian arrived
and informed us that Cornplanter, and
10 or 12 more were on there way, and would
be here by 10 OClock tomorrow, 15 miles


About 12 OClock Cornplanter

and his
company arrived at the Opposite side of Buf-
, we walked down to the River to recieve
them, when the Landed came across, they appeared please d