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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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told was about 10 years ago I was, that
the Indians should leave off Drinking Rum
& refrain from Selling their Lands- a
Reformation accordingly took place, but
it may be remarked that before this,
friends had been labouring with them
much in those respects- Conudiu

tinued an advocate herein & Some time
after being desirous of encouraging &
pleasing his Converts he told them that
he had another Vission & saw the bad
Spirit, in a frightful form & having
Wings alight behind a Certain House
but that after looking about for some
time & finding that the Indians had
declined drinking Rum & he had no
thing to do there, he flew over to
Buffelo another Village where the Indians drank
Rum & where he found plenty of
Business. The sacrifice of the Dog is now disap
proved by some of them & Henry Obeal
who tho' in some respects he has been a dis
sipated character & in other is still in the
commission of wrong things is notwithstanding