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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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This consideration made us believe it would be
best to look elsewhere. The nation ons 42 squa-
re miles on this river, beginning at the Pennsyl-
line, the lines of the reservation are not
yet run.but we found the Idians have a choice
that it should lay on the river half a mile
wide on each side. About 9 miles from hen
ce up the river, latterly stood a town, called
Genesinguhta, the inhabitants of which vil-
lage, a few years since, mostly removed
here. About 10 miles furter up the river.
we understood a settlement had latterly
been made, and from the best information
we could get, we thought somewhere abou-
t the old town would be the most suit-
able place to fix on, it being about ha-
lf way between the upper settlement and
lower town, accordingly with considerable
exertion, about 9 o’clock, we got Cornplan-
, his son Henry, and three other