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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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and let him we could not tell all
that we should say for we beleived on
such occasions, it was right to wait on
the good spirit to be rightly directed;
we read to him the cirtificate sent by the
Indian committee, which particularly
pointed out our busyness, also general
letter, with which he appeared
satisfyed. His son Henry who had an
english education in an about Philadel-
, enterpreted for us; for his father
can neither speak nor understand english;
Henry was our enterpreter on all occasions
whilst among them, he was not very ready
and we believe the business we went on
suffered for want of one better qualify’d.
About 12 OClock between 30 and 40 of
their principal men met in council which
council Cornplanter opened by a short
speech expressing his satisfaction on seeing