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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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had some time ago, yet nearly as clear
as common. We have had to ad-
mire the quantity of fog that fills
the atmosphere every morning. so
that I do not recollect seeing the sun rise
clear since we came here, & as it has
been a rainy, damp time latterly, clouds
of fog are frequently rising out of the
river or the lower parts of some moun-
tains near our settlement which ascends
said mountains in thick columns
unusual to what I have been acquaint’d


Much rain fell last night, the morn-
ing still wet; we expected Cornplanter
& some other Indians to have call’d on
us this morning to set off for Buffaloe
but before 6 Oclock Cornplanter’s son
Henry & another Indian, each having
no other covering on than a