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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Drinker


Other Names: None

Assumed Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1734

Birth Place: Philadelphia

Death Date: 1809

Death Place: Unknown

Affiliations: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends , Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends. Indian Committee , Philadelphia Friends meeting , Society of Friends

Notes: Son of Henry and Mary Gottier Drinker. Merchant, concerned in iron business. Married Ann Swett in 1757 and Elizabeth Sandwich at Philadelphia meeting in 1761. Involved in PYM in many capacities: Indian Committee, Treasurer (1807), etc. Was an active promoter of Westtown School. On Board of Overseers of Public School of Philadelphia (1763), Comissioner to pave and clean streets of Philadelphia (1765), on Common Council (1789), President of Abolition Society, Director of Pennsylvania Hospital, Member of Philosophical Society. Visited in Germantown

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