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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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embittered against the white people. The Committee
have used some endeavours to excite in the minds of our
Rulers a due sense of this envimity desiring they would
devise means for restraining or prohibiting the iniquitous
Traffic. The plea offered by some attempted on the part of
the United States it would avail but little in remedy-
ing the evil while the British Traders from Canada
deal so largely with the Indians in this article.
We nevertheless hope that a representation to the
British Government & this shewing the gross iniquity
of this reproachful trade, may have a Tendency at least
to check it inpart, if not fully.

As in our attention to this concern any thing
shall arrise that may be deemed useful & proper
to communicate we mean to impart the same
desiring like care may rest with you, that what
may occur as useful herein may be intimated to
your loving friends

John Brown
Elias Ellicott
Johm Mckim & others
Members of the Committee
of the yearly Meeting of
Maryland on the Indian
Concern etc John Parrish Henry Drinker Benjamin Swett Warner Mifflin Thomas Harrisson William Savery John Hunt John Peirce John Biddle Joseph Sansom John Ellicott