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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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the different tribes of those called the Six Na-

, representing a desire to assist them in
attaining a more comfortable, quiet, and peacea-
ble mode of life, and expressed an opinion
that the distresses and difficulties the Indians
labor under may, in a great degree, be attributed
to their propensity to the use of spirituous
liquors, introduced among them by traders and
evil-minded persons, and suggested a plan by
which the trade in liquors might be checked in
part, if not fully. They conclude:-As, in
our attention to this concern, anything shall
arise that may be deemed useful and proper to
communicate, we mean to impart the same, de-
siring like care may rest with you, that what
may occur useful herein may be intimated to
your loving friends.

Addressed to John Brown

, Elias Ellicott,
John M'Kim, and others, Members of the Com-
mittee of the
Yearly Meeting of Maryland, on
the Indian Concern, &c.

Signed by

John Parrish, William Savery, Henry Drinker, John Hunt, Benjamin Sweet, John Pierce, Warner Mifflin, John Biddle, Thomas Harrison, Joseph Sansom, John Elliott.

Any communication to the Philadelphia

mittee on Indian Concerns, was to be addressed