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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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of the concern, and voluntarily offerin their services
producing certificates of the concurrence of the Monthly
Meetings of which they were members

For your information we herewith forward 20
Copies of a publication intended for the members
of our yearly Meeting

, containing a brief account
of our proceedings—our views do not yet extend
beyond those tribes of Indians with whom we are
at present engaged, not knowing what may open
in the clearness hereafter. We are of your mind
that a free intercourse and correspondence, maintained
between your committee and ours, as occasions
arise, may be beneficial to the important business
entrusted to us

Signed on behalf of the Committee on
Indian affairs appointed by the Yearly Meeting for
Pennsylvania New Jersey &c
Henry Drinker Tho. Stewardson

then adjourned

10 Mo. 16 1805

The committee again met present 15 Members

The friends appointed to prepare a report to the Yearly

produced the following which was approved
For which SEE our Proceedings from Page 106
To Page 115 inclusive

then adjourned