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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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our Friends in England

had been refin'd, they on
perusing your written communication & hearing several
of our brethren, Members of our Indian Committee, who
had attended your late Yearly Meeting & obtained
some information of the state & progress of this concern
with you, concluded to recommend to our Meeting for
Sufferings held on the 17th Inst that the sum of four
thousand Dollars past of the said Donation, be
paid to your Committee on Indian affairs- which being
accorded with, we were appointed to inform your Com
mittee thereof &that their order or draught for that
sum on Henry Drinker Treasurer of our Yearly Meeting
will be paid-

Thy loving Friends
Henry Drinker
Tho. Stewardson
and Robert Bowne,

John Murray Jun.

and Thomas
are appointed to draw on Henry Drinker
for the sum mentioned, and pay it to our Treasurer-