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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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something within you which shows you
what is good and what is bad, for this is
the Voice of God. Spirit with which you
as well as all other people in the work may
be blessed and made to be glad and rejoice if it
language be sincerely hearkened to and obeyed -
this will make you a happy people: and with
out this all the help that Man can afford
you will be of little service, this it is that can
preserve you from every thing that is hurtful
and unkind, and make you rich in the midst
of Poverty

We are your friends & Brethren
Philad. June 28 1798 David Bacon Ellis Yarnall John Parish Nathan Harper Henry Drinker John Biddle John Drinker Peter Barker John Elliott Wm Gregory Thomas Fisher Thomas Wister Thomas Stewwardson

After the foregoing and Jas Wilkinsons

address was read and interpreted to them they
retired into another appartment to con
sult on the proposials we had made to them