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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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that Meeting informing that friends of Great

having benevolently raised and placed
in their care a sum of money to be applied
in the aid of the exertions of friends in America
towards the civilization of the Indian nations
they had allotted $8000 of the amount needed
to the use of our committee, for which
they authorised us to draw on Henry
Treasurer of their Yearly Meeting
- Elias Ellicott our Treasurer was accor
dingly directed to draw for that sum-

Balto. 8 mo 3 1807

At a Meeting of the committee on
Indian concerns present 14 Members

The Treasurer informed that he had
as directed at last Meeting drawn on Henry

Treasurer of the Monthly Meeting of
Philad. for $8000 which sum he has recd. and
now holds in his hands. And the com
mittee having taken into consideration the
letter and minutes received from Friends
of London on the subject of the money