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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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by a perserverance in their endeavours to promote the improve
ment and welfare of this people- the following friends are
added to the present Committee- Viz Thomas Rotch

, Samuel
, Nicholas Wanser, Thomas Willis, and Josiah Field-

Extract from the minute
Jn. Barrow
Clerk to the Meetg this Year

Whereby it appears that Thomas Rotch

, Samuel Titus,
Nicholas Wanser, Thomas Willis, and Josiah Field, are
appointed Members of this Committee, and four of them
now attended

The Clerk informs that he signed and handed our report
to the Yearly Meeting as directed

The Committee to whom was referred the communication from
our friends of Philadelphia

, produced an essay which was
read, and with some alterations approved- it is as follows Viz

Dear Friends New York 6th Mo. 27th 1807
Henry Drinker
Thomas Stewardson

We were favoured with your com
munication on the concern relative to the Indians under our
care addressed to John Murray

, together with the documents acc