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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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There now remained a balance of 89 Dolrs 47 Cents
/exclusive of Capt Hendricks two bonds for 100 Dollars
each/ due to our Committee, for which we proposed
their giving a draft on Henry Drinker payable to
John Elliot our Treasurer, out of the first Money
which should come into his hands for the use of their
nation; which being agreed to, and the form of an
order drawn, Solomon agreed to take it to Stockbridge
get it sign’d by their chiefs & return it to us at Oneida
tomorrow morning.

It may be proper to Note here that there appears
reason to fear the 100 Dollars lent to Capt Hendrick
as an assistance in building his House, together
with about 20 more of the nations money, was ex-
pended before he got home; the remainder of 630
Dollars not paid into the hands of the Treasurer,
is said to have been divided amongst the Nation.

This morning day delivered to Jacob Taylor Abraham
note & took his rec’t for the same.

About 5 OClock this evening the Oneida Chiefs
& a number of their people again assembled in
council, & after spending more than an hour in