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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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and wheat for bread, on your own land, as we do;
and to get meat at home without hunting, and
to weave blankets and clothes for yourselves,
your wives, and your children; and also to en-
quire whether you wish to have your children
taught to read and write, and to do such other
things as will make you live comfortably under
the shade of the great tree of peace. We wish you
to speak to us freely with the mouths of your na-
tions, and if it is agreeable to you we will talk to
you again. Farewell.

Signed on behalf of our aforesaid Religious
Council of the people called Quakers, the 23d
of 5th month, 1796, by
Allen Farquhar,

Benjamin Walker, David Brown, Elias Ellicott, Caleb Kirk.

Previous to the departure of this delegation to
the Indian settlements, they were furnished
with permission for the purpose by the
United States government, expressed in two let-
ters from the Secretary of State, and addressed
to Governor St. Clair

, and to General Wayne,
being as follows.

Philadelphia, May 31st, 1796. SIR,-

Mr. Henry Drinker

of this city, whose
respectable standing among the Society of