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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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Industry, Care, and Prudence we might live happy and com-
fortable -- And may the Great Good Spirit ever countenance
the Chain of Friendship, that it may remain bright in the la
test generation is the wish of your Brothers.

farewell To
David Bacon
Henry Drinker
Ellis Yarnal
Thos Wister Joseph Shasquithquirt Isaac Wranpey Moses Wrainkoinhurst Jacob Concapus Solomon Quaikenut Hendricks Aupaumat Jos. Quinney


From the Oneida Indians to
David Bacon
Jno Parish
Hen? Drinker
Ellis Yarnal
Nat. Harper
Jno Biddle
Thos Wistar
Peter Barker
Thos Fisher
James Cooper
Jno Elliot
Wm Savery
Jacob Lindley
Oliver Paxton
Thos Stewardson Oneida 15th 10 mo. 1801Brothers

We have received your Counsel and Advice at this
time, as well as at many other times, and are made thankful
that the great good Spirit continues to put you in remembrance
of us, to give us this counsel and advice. some of us have
agreed together to endeavour to follow it, and improve our
land, raise more cattle, grain & Flax, and learn our
young women to Spin, and other useful employments
in the House we have improved in building Houses &
Barns, and find great good from it

Brothers, we wish to listen to your counsel and advice
not to offend, or hurt one another, nor to go to War. We last
summer had a general counsel with many of the Western
tribes of Indians, at Buffalow Creek

, where we all agreed
to live in peace and renewed the Chain of Friendship and wish
to attend to the Good Spirit, it will teach us to refrain from all
evil practices

Brothers, We are sensible that the great good Spirit governs
all the seasons, and some of us wish to live more and more in his