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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Meeting of the committee

Then adjourned until 7th day evening the 31 Inst.
when the committee again meet present 9 members & the
little Turtle principal cheif of the Miamis

The Turtle started to the committee, that since
his arrival at the present time in this city, he had recd.
many proofs of the strong friendship of his brothers
the Quakers for the Indians; and that notwith
standing many of his people, had rendered themselves
unworthy of our regard, by paying no attention
to our advice & some of them even had rejected our aid
yet he had observed that our love for them appeared
not to be diminuished. He then expressed his
obligations for the personal regard we had manifested
for him, and informed the committee that as they
had, been so kind as to express a willingness to ex
tend some aid to his village, he would take the
liberty to point out the mode which would most
satisfactorily meet his wishes, this he said was, to
errect some kind of mill there, either to go by
Horses or water as we might judge most proper. This
he said would render an important service to his
people & be highly gratifying to himself

The committee informed him that they
would confer together on the subject he had proposed
and when prepared would give him an answer; upon
which he retired

The committee having taken into consideration
the proposal from the Turtle,- after a free conference