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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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the means of improving their condition & inform
ed us that whenever we might feel ourselves
disposed to aid his Town, he would seize our
offer with both hands, and appeared very
desirous of receiving assistance from us. He
further stated that he hoped, that the love
which has subsisted between the old men, of his
people & us would continue to cement our
children, & childrens children, & that for his part,
he should never forget us, whilst the great
spirit might be pleased to continue his existence

After he had retired, the general subject
refered to us coming again under consideration,
it was concluded to appoint Gerard T. Hopkins

Elisha Tyson, James Gillingham George Ellicott
John Ellicott &Philip E Thomas to consider
of the propriety of our procuring a piece of
Land for a permanent settlement, & reporting to
a future Meeting of the committee

A letter was received from the Meeting for
sufferings of Philadelphia

informing that they had
finally divided the money received from our brethren
of Great Britain & remited to their care for the
benevolent purpose of promoting the civilization & improvement
of the Indian natives and that the
additional sum of $4694 44/100 was alloted to our
use, which amt. they left us at liberty to draw for
at sight on Henry Drinker.- Elias Ellicott our
Treasurer was accordingly desired to draw for that
sum, and the clerk directed to furnish him
with a copy of this minute