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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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amongst whom were 4 or 5 of their principle Chiefs
got early to work at the Smiths Shop & some to haul-
ing of of wood & choping for Coal; that before noon
they had a pretty commodious Shop covered in &
ready for building the fire place, & a considerable
quantity of wood hauled, & ready for the pit, the
Lad also that proposed engaging in farming, en-
tered into work with our friends this morning: that
things now wear a more encouraging appearance
& now our friends sensibly feel it to their relief and

About 11 OClock Solomon arrived from Stockbridge
with the order in Henry Drinker for 89 D, 47 Cents
signed by fire of their Chiefs, with which we bal-
anced our Acco’t respecting the Mile & made out
a regular statem’t thereof, leaving the original
to be deliver’d to John Sergent, & taking a copy
to be laid before our Committee.

About one OClock took an affectionate leave
of our friends here, & set out homewards where we
arrived 7th mo, the 8th in the evening & found
our families well.