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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Address to the Six Nations

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of Friendship may be kept Bright and Clean from
all Rust

We bid you farewell
Now we bid you farewell -- hoping you
will be enabled by the great Spirit at the Council fire of
the Treaty -- to remove all the Rubbish out of the Way
to Peace -- that so We and You, and all the Inha-
-bitants of the Land of North America may live
happliy together in true Peace & Friendship
Signed at our Meeting--
at Philadelphia
The Day & Year first above
--mentioned James Moon John Hoskins Charles West Nathan Coope Henry Drinker Jacob Lindley Samuel Smith John Drinker Joseph Bringhurst Daniel Drinker Josiah Bunting Nicholas Waln Nathan Cleaver Benjamin Mason Caleb Cresson Samuel Smith Warner Mifflin Benj. Swett Tho. Walmsby Wm. Blakey Oliver Paxson Jon. Kirkbride Enoch Evans John Roberts Mark Miller Tho. Gaskill John Gillingham Samuel Gummere William Wilson James Cresson Caleb Carmalt Sam. Clark Tho. Morris John Field Jon. Evans jun. John Elliott Jesse Foulke Amos Harvey Stephen Mendenhall Peter Yarnall Owen Biddle Benj. Clark David Cumming James Pemberton