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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter to the Shawanese, Delawares & others from Quakers of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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from that evil practice.

We continue sincerely desirous that your Trust & Dependence Confi-
dence may be placed on the Great & Good Spirit, & that by a state of inward
watchfulness & daily prayer your kinds may become illuminated enlightened more clearly to see
the impropriety of men shedding the Blood of their fellow men, thus might you
gradually be redeemed from that unjust & revengeful Spirit from which Wars
originate proceed.

We much desire your further acquaintance with the
preceptspure & peaceable Spirit of the Gospel, and apprehend you would experience many benefits
by having your Children taught to read and write; or in interest and that
they might instructed in our manner of tilling the Earth; if you can
devise any eligible Mode, wherein we particulars,
we will cheerfully contribute towards your Aide & relief

may be generally promoted amongst your people as expressed in the
abovement. Copy of our former Letter, to which we refer and remain your
Friends & Brethren. James Pemberton John Parrish David Bacon Geo. Churchman Samuel Emlen Henry Drinker John Simpson Rob. Kirkbride Nathan Coope Josiah Bunting John Drinker Nicholas Waln Oliver Paxson Jos. Bringhurst Simon Meredith Samuel Smith Tho. Walmsby Benjamin Swett Nathan A Smith James Whiteall jun. James Jackson James Cresson Joseph Potts Wm. Wilson Samuel Clark Thomas George John Elliott Caleb Carmalt Job Bacon Enoch Evans Tho. Lightfoot Samuel Gummere Tho. Morris David Cumming Owen Biddle James Emlen Amos Harvey Jesse Foulke Stephen Mendenhall John Wistar Jon. Evans