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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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of the money now in hand, as they may think proper, and
such other money as may be recieved; on real estate as security

It is now conluded, that our next meeting be held at

at the 3rd hour in the Afternoon at the Meeting
House, (the day preceding Purchase Quarterly
Meeting for discipline is next fall- and to which time
and place we now, Adjourn

At a special meeting of the Committee on the Indian
concern 30th of 7th month 1807

Present 11 Members

A letter from our friends Henry Drinker

and Thomas
now produced and read is as follows- Viz

Thomas Franklin
Philadelphia 7th mo. 23rd 1807

Esteemed Friend
The Letter of the Committee of your Yearly
Meeting on the Indian concern, dated on the 27th day of the
5th mo: signed by thee on their behalf, was lately consider'd by
a Committee of our Meeting for Sufferings, to whose particular
care and attention the right appreciation of the Donation