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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Evans


Other Names: None

Assumed Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1731

Birth Place: Evesham

Death Date: 1798

Death Place: Haddonfield

Affiliations: Haddonfield Friends meeting , Society of Friends

Notes: Quaker minister. Born in 1731, the son of Thomas and Rebekah Evans of Evesham, New Jersey. Apprenticed to a bricklayer. Married Priscilla Collins in 1753 and moved to Mt. Holly and then to Newton in 1761. Abstained from liquor, tea, coffee, sugar, molasses, and dyed clothing. Wore a beard. For ~13 years his meeting did not release him to travel in the ministry "on account of his peculiarities" but in 1794 he was set to visit New England and from that point travelled widely in the ministry. Often visited the Indians near Indian Mills, NJ, with John Hunt, taking blankets and supplies. Married Ann Kay in 1777. Died in 1798.

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