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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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meeting tomorrow appointed by our friend J.E.

the other
two J.S. & my self stay'd at oun retired Public House, having
had every little interruption from Crowds of Company which
on some accounts made the place agreeable, but the reason
why it was so made an dispos'd Us to seek a new one, their
poor provision & inattention (which we were witnesses
unto) as from information was the Occasion of our happening
with respect to the little company at this place, however
our horses could not be done before Evening
made our stay here one Nightmare.


took breakfast with at with our landladys,
which was on very bad made Coffee and Toast without Butter
or Cheese having neither, after which prepar'd for a move for new Quarters.
Settled the Bill and for this Breakfast paid 2/0, then mounted
our horses & rode to William Ingle

s the place where we left
J.E. and we went on our way to Canadarque, where we were
kindly received by him & Wife, being glad as they said
when they met with any from near Philadelphia
the Woman a member of all their Children which
is seven, the Man disowned for some transaction in the
difficultys during the Commotions when friends
in this Land respecting War when many more were set and still stands as he now does

Since my being among these people in their settlement
have felt an exercise on my mind on their Truths
as well as their account; many of their Wif Wives
and more of their Children having an actual Right
in society they all up taking
here they be without any outward Helps, nothing more
likely than for them to fall into Irregularities of one
kind or another, till they bring Reproach on themselves