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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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& first of the Week, having last evening inform'd
some of People that our friend propos'd having a Meeting
with them desiring them to give notice thereof, at the usual
time of 10 OClock we went to th after some time our friend
spoke in his usual plain manner with life, in the after
noon went to their afternoon meeting, after a little time
of silence some there appeared in some that they thought
there a disposition to be doing something that they might
be employ'd externally as though the Almighty could not know
how the heart was engag'd except the Tongue express'd it
our friend again express'd as at the former willing his
desire for them that they might feel after that that
worship which was inward and spiritual, and not so much
after a formal & Outward One, when the meeting ended
After taking our leave of them in a friendly manner
some of them acknowledging that it was a mark of
much love to come to see them from who were so far.
We all AndRode to our quarters at Stockbridge

altho late in after
noon, and Wet withal, likewise my own situation being
such that I should have been willing to have staid all Night
just before the close of the afternoon meeting felt Chilly
had Evening as that on Sixth day evening
last, which was for the first, which was, taken it was afore there appear'd
a necessity for our returning this evening. John Pierse one of
our Company & C Hendrick having information from my
Companions on sixth day to Whitestown at their return
to our Friends, that our friend Joshua had gone to
Brothertown to have a meeting with them this day, They
came to the meeting, and J.P. inform'd Us They had