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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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Produceth Great cropps of grain & Hay. and their Annuity
from New York government is about 800 Pounds; so that we
Did not find it needful to help them much; We have been some
among Them and find them very kind; and some of them tender
Fealing People; - our Friend- Joshua Evans from Jersey, co-
ming into the Indian Country, (and Soloman Height From
Ninepardners East of the North River, Bearing him Com
pany, To visit the Indians, They had several Meetings among
Them; and Solomen & a Friend that came a little way with them
(Thomas alby by name.) returning Homewards;

Joshua Evans, and the Friends that came with us, whose
Names have been mentioned heretofore; Left us the 7th of the 7th
mo. 1796
. in order to visit the Western Indians as far as Canno
, (one Hundred miles from Oneida;) which they Did, and
then went Directly Home; Except Joshua Evans;

The Brothertown Indians having twelve Miles Square of
Land, given to them by the Oneidas, but a part being Sold,
Since, I suppose have 7 or 8 thousand acres Left.