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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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day morning. Left them they were to send for the rest
that we might see them all together, then Left them and
returned to our Pilot’s to his house where we proposed to him
& wife if they were free, of staying till we had the proposed our
opportunity with the Indians they seemed free - When we
found we were like to stay in the neighborhood tomorrow
our friend Joshua

proposed before we left the Indians of
having a meeting with them in the afternoon & let them
know it desiring that they would acquaint all
their People thereof, When we returned several of the neighbors
were there, acquainted them of our meeting tomorrow
morning at our Quarters, our Landlords & Wife’s liberty having
been previously gotten, they having liv'd at Great Valley
in Pennsylvania untill about seven years ago then
Pack'd up their alls having & three Children one Daughter married who with their family also without
ever seeing the place till they came, the Indians
gave them the liberty of setting on their land at
that time it was There’s last fall it where he now lives
but last fall it was purchased with it it’s in that
part purchased by Government last fall, but he is to
keep his title improvements by paying the everidge price of those lands
when sold~

Tenth of the month

and first of the week, at the time
appointed several of the neighbors came, & set down
with us in silence under the shade of a Tree to a good
degree of satisfaction. One of the neighboring women
informed us she had been brought up in the Neighborhood