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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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of a Yoke of Oxen. About the middle of the day met
with a yoke which we bought for 90 dollars, took them
to Whites town

where we lodged, this evening unwell
had a bowl of catnip tea prepard, drink'd it and went
to bed, Rested pretty well in the .

7th mo2nd

The seventh day of the week, did not rise very
early in the morning, after rising & washed attending
attended to the business for which I had come out
upon and about nine o’clock, my esteem'd friend
Joshua Evans

came to my lodgings (at a Tavern
with two other Friends, the Name of the One
Solomon Height Dutches County Washington township living at Nine Partners & Thomas
Schoharry County Dunlough township about 28 miles from
Coopers town 14 miles from Cherry Valley after my I had done with the publick
concerns on which I had went come out upon, went with the afore
said friends set out for Brothertown settlement
where our sd friend Joshua had a Draft in Love
to visit them, at fort Schyler last night a House
was Burnt down, and a child of about 6 years
old burnt in it, it is supposed she it was set it
on fire by by the Child consumed in the flames
in a room. About four O’clock came to Brothertown
and put up our horses in the pasture of George
. Two of Us staid their myself & one
of the other friends went to J. Tupics my Old quarters
where we lodg'd, next this morning being the
2nd of the month & 4th of the Week we meet with

3rd of the Month