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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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that, as you told us in the first Council, you might know what was best for all
here; and now you tell us what you will do for our nation. We rejoice that the
Good Spirit has put it into your hearts, and into the hearts of your Brothers at home
to do us good. We believe it is of the Good Spirit, because your words are weights on
our minds. Brothers, the offers you make us are great. We did not expect so
much from Friends. We are thankful to the Good Spirit for putting it into
your hearts, and for giving you the ability to do it. Brothers, You give us Smith's
Tools, for which we thank you. We have suffered much for want of them, having been
obliged to go many miles sometimes, and spend some days, to get on link of a chain mended.

Brothers, Your assisting us to build a Grist Mill will be a great thing for us. We have
suffered many years for want of one, especially our Women, who are obliged to pound over
corn, they join us to thank you heartily. Brothers, your offer to help us in setting
up a School is very acceptable to us. Be assured we will do our part towards it. Bro-
thers, what you propose respecting the money lent us is very agreeable to our minds.
(It was considered as part of an advance forward building the Mill repayable if ever al
lowed by Congress) and also the encouragement you offer us by premiums. We hope
our Young Men will have courage to follow those ways you point out for us. Bro-
thers, We now freely promise that the Chiefs, and all our orderly Young Men,
will endeavor to follow your advice, and with the blessing of the Good Spirit we will
live more than ever as White People do: for we never received such encouragement
before from any People. We observe what you tell us, that we must be an example
to other Indians; and we hope to be so more and more. Brothers, We shall not for-
get what you request for the Young Men you leave behind you. Our minds are
the same with yours. We will maintain our friendship with them, and will be
always ready to assist them if they get in trouble. Now Brothers, We spoke
to you several days ago about the difficulties we are under in not receiving our
annual income from Government, and we desire that one of your Friends in Phi-
ladelphia will endeavour to settle that business, so that we can have our
money punctually, in future

In the afternoon Joshua Evens

had a reli-
gious meeting with them, after which we parted from them in great love and tenderness. Next