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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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frame house of two rooms, which we have rented of one of their Chiefs, for
the present. They are to take six or eight Apprentices upon the Farm: but, as the
occasionally do assist those who are disposed to work their own ground; and do
go among the Tuscaroras

, Stockbridges, and Brothertons, to rouze them from their
farming. See the inclosed minutes. On 7th. day evening we had the pleasure
of hearing that our dear friend Joshua Evens was in the neighborhood, and intended to have a meeting at Brotherton on first
day morning and two of us went off with the Chief of the Stockbridges to bid him
wellcome, the rest of us staying at home to keep up our own meeting, as usual.
In the evening we collected joyfully at our lodgings, to the number of ten, Joshua
having the Companions with him from about the North River; and the Indians ga
thered round us till bed time, for a sight of the venerable Patriarch. Next
morning we had our parting Conference with the Stockbridges, wherein, after ex-
plaining our views, We delivered our Proposals to them in writing, and earnestly
recommended such advice as appeared most necessary for their observance.
After which an Old Man (baptised many years ago by John Schmitt a Mo-
ravian Brother who laboured some years in these parts under great difficulties and discor-
agements), burst forth very tenderly in the following broken lan-
guage: Brothers, I glad see you in my heart; and hear your good word.
You use us just like a Father. I am old, lost all my Family. I can't
live many days: But all this spring I think Jesus will send me some
comfort in my trouble; but Nobody say anything to me, till more you are come.
Wish I was young, then I would do what you say directly: but I go see
how your People work, every two three days, and tell our Young Men
what you do. When Hendrick Aupaumut, having first rehearsed in Indian
what he was going to say, replied

Brothers, We shall speak but a
few words. We are glad of your company among us, these three weeks, that