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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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Muncey 7th. Mo. 24th. 7My dear Friends,

My last, if you have but received it, informed you
unexpected return, the present is dated upon the West Branch of Sus-

, more than half way home, which I hope to reach by
6th. or 7th. day next. We left Canadarquai on 3rd. day mor-
ning the 19th. instead, accompanied by Abraham Lapham, one of
the Friends near Mud Creek, who attended Joshua Evens with a
fresh horse, to relieve his Mare, whose back was sadly galled soon
after he left Otego. We're shown a small Island, tufted with trees,
as we rode along the Lake, upon which the Indians
of this place secreted themselves, drawing up their canoes among
the bushes, when General Sullivan invaded their Country
in 1778. Reached a new Settlement in the woods, 30 miles
distant, by 5 o'clock. where, there being no accommodations
for 12 miles, beyond we spread our blankets on the floor, and slept pretty
comfortably till day light. Got to Noath the capital of the County
Steuber by 10 o'clock, riding with a great deal of pleasuremost
of the way along the banks of the Conhocto, delighted to be once
more upon running water. The Creek is boatable so high
in the spring of the year: but the town is more dependant