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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Extract of a Letter from an Indian Woman; to
Joshua Evans’s whife, in the Jerseys. Brother Town 13th of the 7mo 1796

Friend Evans
If I may so call thee, and without doubt
it will appear strange to have a letter from one that thee
never saw, but it is the regard I have for thee, and thy Hus
band in particular, that causes me to write , Wishing
that thy Husband might return Home to thee again; if
it is the will of him, that rules over all; and bring the
glad Tidings from afar, and I doubt not but he is
sent by the hand of God; to do good to my Nation
the Indians; believing that he is a Minnister of the
Gospel, and a Father in Israel, and I expect that
thou art a Mother; We feel ourselves Like the lost
sheep in Israel, But we trust that God will gath
er us to his Fold. but I cannot write as if I
was acquainted with thee. but must conclude
my letter.

by subscribing myself thy unknown
friend. Loruhamah Crossly