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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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duties are laid; it being (as I take it,) generally agreed that
those who use or consume the Articles so circumstanced, do
pay the Duties. Such are my tender scruples & Testimony;
and so I leave it for others to look at, perhaps when I am
dead and gone; believing it to be what was given me to bear, and
attend to in simplicity and integrity of heart.
Joshua Evens


The 3rd.

I proceeded on my Way and came to Z. Green

's: had a solid
time in his family: several young Women were there, & it was a satis-
factory season. I also visited an aged woman friend, of a heavenly
mind as I believed. I have to wait a little for a companion; feeling
inward Calmness: This I take to be a divine Gift, to support a
tottering mind.


I was at the Creek Meeting

(Ninepartners), where strength was
given me to labour (I believe) to the honour of Truth, and my
own comfort: next day, my companion
coming, we rode to Little nine Partners, and the day after that
upon short notice, had a pretty large Meeting to good satisfac-
tion, at Cattskil, amongst the Presbyterians.


Crossing the North River here, we proceeded westward toward Unedilly

I felt myself as a Stranger in a strange land; yet perceived a
little something which inwardly sweeten's the mind: The next day
we went much the same Course, thro' a Wilderness, where the
mountains were admirably high, which seemed awful; and travel-
ling was very difficult among Roots, Rocks and Mire: Sometimes we