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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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or hath been sold for £1600 which serves to show the rapid
increase of this Country.

Fourteenth our friend J. Evans

had a meeting at Nathan
having before inform'd friends they the Neighbors
at or near the time they met & had a favor'd opportunity at
the close intimated he had desired them who were or had
disown'd or stood so, with those who are members, which was


our friend Joshua Evans

mentioning his a mind, of having
a meeting at the place we were at N. Comstock’s, there being
information thereof given to friends and Neighbors, who met
(and our friend had an open time among opportunity with them, at the
close of the after which he mentioned a desire of an he had
some few of having an opportunity with those who were mem
bers in company with together with such as stood disown'd.
They accordingly collected into a together when he their
state & situation seem'd to be opened pretty clearly, setting
before them the great danger, without living near to that divine
principal within them of their becoming a Reproach to the
Name they made profession of, the condition of their Children
for want of the Hedge of the Discipline kept up around
them by the way would go of into Irregularities and Immoralities
and thereby suffer great loss, and for want of this Hedge which
has such a tendency of Keeping sweet and Clean, there would be a
falling into one thing after another to the great grief of such
among them as beheld the great beauty there was in holiness
endeavoring to impress their minds with the absolute necessity of
feeling deeply by after help, & that their they might have their eyes might
be opened, if this come to be the case they could not become
content short of a reconciliation with their friends again that
which would much contribute to their welfare, with their