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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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White. They have laid out a Six Rod Road from the Lake
for a considerable distance back, by which the buildings
the Houses stand; there’s now 25 frame besides several log houses Erected, here
stands their Courthouse. This is called Ontario County.
having put up at a public house & got Dinner, went to
Israel Chaping’s

to learn whether the Indians further
West were dispos'd to receive friends offers. We find him
not to live in Opulence not even equal to what we had
expected, but he has a appears a sober discreet well behaved
person & informed Us that Indians generally favor'd our
Offers; Cornplanter was the only tribe who favored our settling with them as
after after a short opportunity, concluded we would
leave this business for a few days and recruit our selves
among our friends at Mud Creek & Horses in Company with our friend Joshua Evans (who
now had now come to the end of his Journey, (having now
come to us again he having found Just at our first coming to
the Lake about three miles back had found one of those
friends he came to this Country to see his name
William Ingle) we mounted our Horses for Mudd Creek
having for our pilot Jared Comstock who was in Town, son of Nathan Comstock
The place where we propos'd going to in about five miles on the
way parted, J.P. & I.R. went to Jacob Smith’s the
other three of Us kept with our Pilot & in five miles more
got to his father’s after Riding from Canadarkway
10 miles & nearly as bad road as we have found in this Country.


After breakfast, the friend Jared Comstock

our Pilot walk'd
with Us to Abraham Lapham’s about three miles distance
where we was kindly received by himself & wife as we were
at the friends where we staid last Night who land