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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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they would want but little more help from their friends
the Counsel pretty soon broke up after this this appear'd to
be but an artfull Query to draw from Friends a promise
altho it might be but a slender one yet they would hold
them bound to their engagements thereby as tho there were or had
been the strongest covenants, so the Counsel ended. In the
afternoon our friend Joshua

had a meeting with them
to a pretty good degree of satisfaction, having before at the
Counsel mentioned it & the appointed time—


This morning took a puke of our Indian Doctress’s
preparing which pretty soon work'd me, that & other things
seem'd to help me for this being my fit day it ended & felt
nothing of it, the rest of the day was by some of us employ'd
in preparing letters to forward to our friends, & others on
concerns to our business.


This day held the last Counsel with the Oneidas

got there between 9 & 10, time enough to receive the Friend
with part of our goods, after dinner rec'd the rest in a broken
Waggon goods none damaged. Between 2 & 3 the Counsel met
there appearing at first as tho we should be frustrated one
of our having return'd from visiting the Interpreter J.
& informed us he was so in liquor which set discoura
ging, a young man was apply'd to who came with restrictions
by importunity by some of our company he was one of
of their People a very Comely Genteel modest person
who it was said could Interpret very well, but had
not been accustomed to it, therefore modestly refused after some time the
Old Interpreter came altho he appeared a little in