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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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notified the Stockbridges to meet them in Counsel tomorrow
morning at 9 OClock, we about such set came to our Old
quarters C. Hendricks

with our friends J.E. and the two
York friends.

4th: of the Month.

met the Stockbridges

according to appointment.
Read them our propositions, of what we had thought of doing
for them, which were that we concluded to assist them in
Building them a Grist Mill so that we would pay of the sd
expences exclusive of what work they themselves did in
getting the Timber and all other things they could do within
themselves, three Doler tho of the cost, they to be at rest But if Government
came forward to build their Mill, as in Their treaty it
was agreed they should be done at Publick cost, then when
ever it tothey should refund all our money back to Us
again -- That they should have our Smiths Tools,
that we would would give 100 Dollars to their Schoolmaster
for Teaching one Year provided they to make up the rest
provided he produces a testimony Signed by two of their
Chiefs that the School had been regularly kept for the
time,-- That we That to encourage their improvement in husbandry
we had thought of propose giveing them a Bounty for every 12 Yds. of
Cloth or linnen manufactured of Wooll or Flax rais'd by
any Individual & manufactured by such an individuals Wife
in his or her own house for every such 12 Yds one Dollar
for every 50 Busls. of Wheat, 2 Dollars, for every 100 Busls
of Indian Corn 2 Dollars, and for every 3 Ton of hay
cut & put into Stack or Barn by any Individual rais'd by
him or her in one year off of ther off of their farm 2 Dollars, provided
he or she produce a Certificate signed by two of their Chiefs to the