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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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Twenty third,

Did not rise very early, examining our
Horses found mine the back swollen, so that it would
not be safe to Ride it, therefore concluded to clothe
her only with the saddle & other appurtenances & I
too take it a foot to our friends at Munsey

was about twenty miles, we thought it right now
to part J.L. went concluded to go with our friend
J.E. Likewise our Pilot still continuing their Pilot
before we seperated made him a rewarded
him with better than four Dollars, then we con
cluded we were great gainers, without him we
should have been in continual Anxiety about
the way both as to the best as well as the right
likewise the distance, between One & Two came to
William Ellisses, not a mile from the Meeting
House. I having walk'd cheaf chief of the way the other two
spelling me by turns came this morning
20 miles, this morning crossed the Lycomming
Waters several times, once crossed the Loyalsock
Waters a little above where the two waters unite.

We here on the south side of the Wilderness find
there harvest for the most part gathered, with all
a wet harvest, whilst on the North Harvest
not no Grain Harvested season very dry

Here we heard of singular circumstance of
Person a Frenchman who was