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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Matthew Dolson


Other Names: None

Assumed Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1748

Birth Place: Unknown

Death Date: 1815

Death Place: Unknown

Affiliations: Unknown

Notes: Landlord in Detroit along east side of Detroit River. The Dolsons, Fields and Chrysler families all fled to Niagara, Ontario in 1782. They farmed at Fort Niagara, moving in 1784 to Detroit (then still British), Where Isaac's brother Matthew opened a tavern. Homesteaded near Raleigh (Chatham) Ontario ca.1786. All three families qualified as Loyalist on the 1789 U.E. lists, and all were given land grants near Raleigh. Isaac and Matthew Dolson had their farms occupied by the invading American army at the start of the War of 1812.

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